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Our service puts you in personal contact with 3-5 auditing companies within max. 6 hours. Give us a detailed description of your company and the assignment and we ask 50+ local auditors to review it and give their opinion.

We select the auditing and advisory companies, which are perfectly suited for what you need. You save valuable time and maybe also money this way and get the perfect overview and understanding of your alternatives in just a few hours!

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Please complete the form and send it to us; we will contact you shortly after. Our partners are eager to meet you and hear more about your company to get the perfect understanding of your assignment.

It is always our recommendation that people meet. A professional cooperation is founded on trust, dedication and balanced expectations. We only work with reputable partners, because they are the ones you are also looking for and need.

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Our service is sponsored by more than 2.000 accounting, auditing, advisory and law firms. Our partners are here to meet you and this is why this service is 100% free and non-binding.