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Our partners are specialised within these legal domains:

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• Child custody

• Alimony and child support

Divorcing your spouse is an important step in life that will involve a number of personal decisions - emotional, legal, and economic ones. Can one of you remain in your current residence? Who will move out? How will you share your assets and debt and what is your current financial situation? Where will your children live?

If you have children, their interests and future are of the greatest importance. You need to agree upon custody, visiting rights and child support.

How will you deal with the division of the assets acquired before marriage, as well as those acquired during your marriage? Assets and liabilities need to be accounted for and all agreements must be in writing to ensure that your rights and the interests of your children are secured.

A lawyer protects your rights!

Although you and your partner have agreed upon your divorce, each of you must have a lawyer. Choose an experienced lawyer with the right documented expertise who will be able to guide you gradually through the steps and procedures that are about to follow.

You must protect what is legally yours to protect!

Remember, life goes on!

Each divorce case is unique and separation requires time. That is why you need to have a clear vision and optimal guidance to make the right decisions at the right time. This provides the peace of mind you need during divorce.

We recommend that you seek appropriate legal advice.

Set up a meeting as soon as possible with the lawyers we introduce you to. Get an understanding and overview of your rights regarding children, separation and divorce. Talk to 3 different advisors and understand their proposals. Your agreed upon price must always be considered in combination with time consumption and complexity.

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